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Neuroscience research has shown that understanding emotions and motivations is the key to making lasting change. But coaches have struggled to find a valid and reliable way to measure their clients’ emotions. AgileBrain offers a quick, image-based solution to get a complete picture of your client's emotions and motivations, providing an accurate emotional profile to unlock powerful conversation and a baseline to track change over time.

  • A fast, fun ice-breaker to get to know your clients
  • An accurate tool to pinpoint your clients’ emotional needs and motivations.
  • A comprehensive framework to discuss your client’s hard-to-discuss feelings.


“Powerful leadership arises from a deep understanding of one’s emotional needs and what truly matters; AgileBrain is a game changer.”

Dave Casullo
Executive leadership coach
Author of Leading the High Energy Culture

100+ years of accepted psychological theory distilled into an easy to understand framework to drive understanding and action